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How to be a Fitzroy brand.

1. Sign up to sell on Fitzroy.

Send us your line sheets, catalogs, photography and video. We build out your profile and product pages.

Stack of money
Sell Your Way.

Fitzroy reflects your wholesale policies.

Brick and mortar store
Work with pre-qualified, brick and mortar retailers.

We vet every specialty retailer buying through Fitzroy so you don’t have to do the legwork.

We’re here to help.

Our Brand Service Specialists keep your profile up to date for new products and prices. You’ll always be able to reach a human to answer your questions.

2. Retailers find you on Fitzroy and place orders.

You’ll get a Fitzroy order confirmation in your inbox.

line graph
Knowledge based selling.

Our Merchandising Editors work to understand your brand to introduce you to the right retailers.

order sheet
Orders that meet minimums.

You set your minimums and retailers only check out when they meet them.

credit card
How retailers pay.

Fitzroy handles all of the payments. Retailers are charged when they place the order.

pie chart
Earnings and fees.

Listing your brand and products on Fitzroy is free. Fitzroy takes a brand service fee on each order.

locked safe
How you get paid.

Your payment is automatically direct deposited 48 hours after you receive your order confirmation.

3. Ship your products directly to the retailer.

You’ll use Fitzroy for shipping.

paper airplane
How you ship.

Create UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping labels through Fitzroy.

We track for you.

Fitzroy keeps the retailer updated with shipping information for you.

We're a team.

Fitzroy partners with you on ongoing retailer marketing and support.

One point of contact as you scale.

We handle retailer questions for you and work with you on order support.


Fitzroy echoes your promotions while layering our own specials on the calendar.

Fitzroy is built on trust.

We curate our community by carefully reviewing every brand and retailer on Fitzroy before approving them to join.

Wholesale doesn't need to be hard.

Start selling now.

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