What's Fitzroy Toys?

Fitzroy is a new way of thinking about wholesale. Because “wholesale” should be modern, easy, and fun, especially when you are talking about products for children. We’re laying a foundation for a retail movement that celebrates small business owners - the designers, mompreneurs, founders, and inventors who share a different point of view through their independent brands and specialty retailers. We believe different isn’t just good but it’s necessary.

Where we come from.

We got our start in 2013 recommending toys through Mr. Fitzroy’s Toy Delivery. We were obsessed with searching high and low, north and south, online and offline for the freshest toys on the market. We introduced new products to new homes around the world and in the process got to know those brands really well. Tired of using trade shows and paper catalogs to grow, our favorite brands soon started asking us to recommend their products to specialty retailers as well and we took our first steps into wholesale. While we still love to discover, Fitzroy has grown and changed quite a bit since launch. We’re now exclusively focused on wholesale with an entire team of editors curating products across a robust collection of brands for our retailers across the country.

Retail isn't dead.

Physical retail is not going away, it’s just changing its role in society. Brick and mortar stores are no longer a place for transactions but a place to be inspired by a unique point of view, experience, or space. As retailers adapt to their digital first consumers, we’re here to help retailers become digital first buyers themselves for their own store.

Who we are.

We want to be that extra set of hands you need to help you grow - we’re not so much a marketplace as we are real people trying to rethink how retailers discover for their stores and brands scale their specialty sales. We’re using our knowledge based, service-centric approach to create a community of likeminded business owners who celebrate being different.

We hope you'll join us.