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Fitzroy Toys connects toymakers with retailers.

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Fitzroy Toys is a private marketplace accessible from any Internet-connected device. There is nothing to download, install, patch, or upgrade. Ever.

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Buyers and sellers join free. We do the vetting for you to ensure secure, trusted relationships.

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Send your inventory and existing order history to support@fitzroytoys.com and we’ll upload it for you. Rest easy knowing real people are ready to help you 24/7.


Grow your business by reaching your customers more efficiently for greater distribution at a lower cost.


Shop customized recommendations that match your store’s personality in one place, on your schedule, 24/7.


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Fitzroy Stories

Jenny DeWhitt
Founder, Jervis the Best

Growing distribution store-by-store is a difficult and expensive process to manage. Fitzroy solves that for us by allowing us to do that in one, easy to access place.

Alex Larsen
Cofounder, Larsen Toy Lab

Fitzroy understands the needs of a growing toymaker because it was built for toymakers and the retailers that stock them. It was painless to get started since Fitzroy is there to help 24/7, and we are excited to have access to so many like-minded retail partners.

Matt McCarty
Cofounder, Zylie

The administrative task of managing hundreds of small, individual accounts quickly outstrips our time and resources. Having it all centralized in one secure, safe and easy-to-use platform is an inspired change.

Christine Johnson
Owner, Miracle Mile Toys & Games

I want to offer my customers something different and unique. Fitzroy is a trusted partner that allows me to shop product 24/7 and manage the purchasing process in one place.

Tara Riceberg, Owner

I'm constantly looking for new brands that fit the personality of my store to add to the hundreds I already sell. Fitzroy lets me discover and reorder with ease, saving me time to actually manage my store.

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